Going for the dream

It’s the dream of a lot of writers to hit the big time.

To get that big contract.

I’m still searching for my big break. My big contract. My big opportunity to spend my days sitting on my front porch with a glass of wine, the laptop on my lap staring at the sky, writing my next big thing.

What writer wouldn’t want that?

Alas, I’m still chasing. I’m still sending out queries and writing away furiously. I’m still reading what I can from publishers and agents. I’m still marketing the books I have out. I’m promoting. I’m doing what I can to make a name for myself now.

It’s not easy. The publishing world isn’t easy. A writer’s life isn’t easy.

I still maintain the day (well technically night) job. For now. I’m determined to write that magnificent story the world goes crazy for. But don’t we all? Don’t we all hope to write that best seller? Don’t we all have that dream agent that we Twitterstalk and never miss a blog post?

I’m going for that dream. I’m continuing to learn as I go. I’m continuing to let the ideas grow. I’m growing as a writer.

It’s a long shot though. I know this. It’s a dream that is unlikely to happen. To live off my books? To not have a day job? To do nothing but write? It doesn’t happen often to people. It happens, but not often. You have to find that grove. You have to be able to write those spectacular stories that people want and an agent or publisher can sell.

Can I do this? Can I write amazing stories people want? Of course I doubt myself. Of course I think my writing is absolute shit. I’m critical of everything I put out there.

But I will continue to write what my heart and my head cook up. I will continue to search for an agent or a publisher who believes in me and my books.

I will keep going for that writing dream.



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