6 thoughts on “Say hello to Samantha!!!

  1. alinakfield

    Congratulations, Samanthya! I love that cover.

    1. Samanthya Wyatt

      Thank you so much. The cover artist did a great job in giving me what I asked for.

  2. drkatecollier

    Hot cover, great excerpt!

    1. Samanthya Wyatt

      Thank you so much. Hope you enjoy the book.

  3. Becky Lower

    I agree. Hot cover, hot excerpt. Nice job, Samanthya!

  4. Alexandrina Brant

    Great interview. Sounds like the type of book I would read! <3
    Totally know what you mean at "I had all these ideas running through my head and one day I just put words to paper. The more I wrote the more I became involved with the characters, and they seemed to take a life of their own." Reminds me of when I was a child. We had a big garden and I used to imagine characters having adventures around it 😛

    (By the way, I found the formatting of this post quite difficult to read. Double spaced without paragraph spacings. Is that just me?)

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